Since 1987 Dr. Walter Pierpaoli has organised and hosted the extraordinary meeting of the world’s top health-professionals interested in exploring the facets behind aging, immunity and cancer at the

Stromboli conferences on aging and cancer


What makes the SCACs so special is that the audience is made up of the speakers of the week! It is designed to promote exchange of ideas and expand the knowledge and progress to find the ‘cures’ to both aging and cancer.

The V Stromboli Conference June 13-19, 2010

The primeval life-generating molecules: Their therapeutic and age-reversing properties.

Now the fifth Stromboli conference on aging and cancer (SCAC) is taking place between June 13 and 19, 2010.

Once again it has a preeminent list of speakers and fascinating cutting-edge topics. To see the speakers and their topics please click here. To review the timetable of events please click here.

Everybody stays at the 4-star hotel La Sirenetta Park Hotel and due to the intimate and warm environment it is possible to exchange ideas and get to know the speakers personally because everyone has breakfast, lunch and dinner together! The networking opportunities are incredible.

The event itself is often covered by Italian television and SKY news and in 2010 it is planned to record the meeting for a webinar later too.

To date the meeting has been sponsored by individuals, organisations and companies who are dedicated to the ideas behind preventative medicine. To see a list of the Stromboli conference sponsors please click here.

The Beauty of Stromboli

These meetings take place on Stromboli, one of the Aeolian Islands off the coast of Sicily.
(Click here to see pictures of the island).

The quality of the lectures

All of the previous lectures have been accepted for publication in the peer-reviewed Medline journal the New York Academy of Sciences.

Indeed, past conference lectures can be viewed via this link by clicking here.