Walter Pierpaoli, M.D., is a recognised world expert in the
function and role of melatonin. Dr. Walter Pierpaoli is
citizen of Italy and Switzerland.

Born in Milano, Italy.
Studies Medicine at the University of Milano.
Graduates in Medicine at the University of Milano with full
notes and an experimental thesis on “Photodynamic
Reactions and Carcinogenesis”.
Assistant at the University of Milano, Institute of General
Trains in Cardiology, specialization in Cardiology at the University
of  Torino, Diploma in Cardiology in 1963 with an experimental
Receives a grant from the Atomic Energy Commission of the United States
for a project on “Energetics transfer in the photodynamic reaction”.
Works as Research and Laboratory Director at the “Center for Cellular
Pathology” of the Italian National Research Council, Rome. This Center is located at the
Institute of General Pathology of the University of Milano.
Ph.D in Immunology at the University of Milano (Professorship).
1966 -1976:
First as a Visiting Professor and later as permanent member of the
scientific staff, works as Head of the Neuroimmunology Group at the Swiss Institute for
Medical Research in Davos-Platz, Switzerland.
Directs the Immunobiology Group at the Cell Biology Division, Institute of
Anatomy, University of Zurich, Switzerland.
Establishes the Stromboli conference, a bi-annual meeting of
researchers, physicians and scientists dedicated to the prevention and reversal of aging
diseases and disorders.
Becomes Head of Laboratory and Director of the newly established
Institute for Integrative Biomedical Research in Zurich, Switzerland. In 1993 the
Institute moves to Quartino-Magadino, Switzerland, under the name of “Institute for
Biomedical Research”.
After a working interval in Italy, the Institute is moved back to
Switzerland to its present location in Riva San Vitale and is renamed the: “Jean Choay
Institute for Neuroimmunomodulation”, under the scientific direction of Dr. W. Pierpaoli.
He also remains president of the INTERBION Foundation for Basic Biomedical Research,
a non-profit Foundation established in Zurich in 1980.