The preliminary daily scientific program of the fifth Stromboli conference on aging and cancer
June 13-19, 2010
“The primeval life-generating molecules: Their therapeutic and age-reversing properties”

Nine scientific sessions:

Morning 8.30-12.30
Afternoon 3.30-7.30

Each session includes 4 speakers.
Each has a 40 minute slot with an additional 15 minute open discussion.
Plus a 20 minute coffee break.

June 13

Arrival at La Sierrenta Park Resort Hotel, Stromboli

June 14
Morning session
Welcome greetings (W. Pierpaoli) “The everlasting island“ / “Aging as a biologic program“
Afternoon session
“Diverse and contrasting views on aging.” / “Can different aging processes co-exist? “
June 15
Morning session
“Olistic aging and mechanistic aging“
Afternoon session
“Aging-delaying strategies 1“
June 16
Morning session
“Aging-delaying strategies 2“
Afternoon session
FREE TIME! Walk, cycle, swim, take a boat trip or climb the Volcano!
June 17
Morning session
“Are the diseases of aging unrelated issues? “
Afternoon session
“Molecules regulating our biological clock“
June 18
Morning session
“Clinical reversal of aging: evidence“
Afternoon session “General discussion and workshops“ “The Stromboli cocktail”
Evening session Party at Dr. Pierpaoli’s villa!
June 19
Departure to Naples
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